Online campaigns

Google Ads

We are experts in Google Ads. We have a deep knowledge of campaign goals that supports sales, generate leads, boost website traffic, build brand awareness and consideration, increase app downloads etc.

Simple yet effective search text ads, short or longer versions adapted. Phone number, address, shop etc. highlighted to incentivize action
Ads are based on a search strategy that defines target group, includes keyword planning and sets up an advertising strategy with results and budget scenarios

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Displays ads with above average click-through rates thanks to impactful visuals that drives consumers’ attention. Various ad formats automated, linking directly to the product sites.

Mini case study
Lexus Debrecen 2021 spring Google display campaign

Recently, we had great successes with our Lexus google display ad campaign presenting our ads in premium financial and news portals.  Key to success was the behaviour based targeting that resulted in 66.000 impressions over one month in major financial websites.  As our target group consists of business managers reach is key to drive conversions.

google display ad

Product image and price impressions right below the search box. With competitive prices, we can reach above average conversion rates that are proven by our campaigns.

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A highly effective tool to achieve above average CTR and low cost per clicks.
Targeting by keywords similarly to other Google display ads.
Video or image content to attract potential customers.

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Generate website visit, offline store visit or phone calls in Google, Google maps and at the google display partners. We test and leverage smart campaigns to find the most effective approach for you.

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YouTube ads

Skippable video campaigns with call to action buttons.Other options are 6 sec. bumpers or non-skippable ads. 10%+ view through rate across industries!
Upon needs, we create brand, product or corporate videos as well.


Facebook & Instagram campaigns

For Facebook and Instagram, we differentiate organic and paid communications. The non-paid basic posts are prepared based on a marketing calendar. We create design and copywriting in-house.
We believe in new innovative formats that grabs attention and generate high engagement. We can also help our clients managing the social community via answering questions, managing reactions or issues.

We run integrated campaigns through Facebook and Instagram leveraging different formats.

Placements in Newsfeeds, Stories, Marketplace, Instant articles or Messenger as per campaign objectives.

Creative copywriting, video and animation creation to make an impactful and disruptive ads that stand out!

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Creative or copy testing contributes to success. Therefore we run A/B tests frequently to find the best way of communication that engages and energizes our audiences.

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How to combine reach and engagement objectives?
We have a solution! We create your video or animation ad with integrated voting.
Ideal for building audiences for remarketing purposes

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Ads with Instant Experience form to collect direct leads for a financial advisors. Effective conversions resulting in a list of customers every month.

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We can showcase the product variety and facilitate online shopping right from the ad with videos and swipable cards
Consumers can browse amongst the product and shop easily via landing on the main site.
Recommended for customer with wide or complex product or service range.

Effectivo Communications Stories Effectivo Communications

We are able to create personalized mass-advertisement with direct messages in Messenger.
Laser-sharp targeting and above average opening rates!

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LinkedIn campaigns

For professionals, B2B purposes or building corporate awareness and credibility!
Various formats from text and personal sponsored InMail messages, images, carousels to videos.

It is highly recommended and proven for quality lead generation!

Effectivo Communications LinkedIn campaign management

eBooks and Lead Magnets

We create downloadable eBooks with quality content to obtain leads to various clients. Background research, copywriting, editing, and design are all part of our services to make our clints’ life easy.
Facebook lead generation ads bring out the potential customers and they can download the eBook from a landing page.
Proven mechanism, quality leads!

Effectivo Communications eBook Effectivo Communications

Email marketing and Newsletters

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Unique differentiated content and design!
We build content, write effective copies that increases opening and click rates.
And we have email automation tools as well to handle our clients’ newsletters easily.
We apply automations for welcome messages, abandoned carts, birthday messages, emails linked to specific action, purchase etc. to bring results.


Remarketing is the best opportunity to generate sales, up sell and close leads. We do remarketing in Google, Facebook, Instagram and even on websites and email marketing.

For Google, we can retarget website visitors, specific page viewers, fans and lookalike audiences

Facebook and Instagram enables us to run multi-dimensional campaigns where we build custom audiences based on behaviour, client list, event feedback and many more. We also leverage lookalike audiences to boost results effectively.

We have capabilities to connect our clients’ databases with our Facebook campaigns and segment them according to our needs This can be a list of people buying certain products or spending in certain value.

Leverage personalized marketing and boost your sales with remarketing!