5 things that you need to know as a corporate TikTok advertiser

  1. When shall I first think of advertising on TikTok?

As always when it gets to communication, think of your target audience. If your target group is amongst the 13-17 or 18-24 then you seriously need to consider this channel. These youngsters spend more than an hour on TikTok daily and they check the app more than 20 times per day. Of course, only on mobile – where else?


  1. What to you Tiktok for as a corporate advertiser?

Basically, there are different campaign goals on TikTok such as traffic, lead generation, video views, app downloads, reach, conversion etc. similarly to Facebook. You need to pick to most suitable to your marketing goal.  Our agency experiences show that the best results can be achieved on reach, traffic and video view goals which is based on the channel dynamics and usage habits. TikTok is made for video views by default, consuming lots of content in a raw. It is way harder to ask users to fill in a lead gen form via exiting the video flow. Of course, it is not impossible, just much harder to work around.

Our TikTok campaigns showed that this channel is perfect to build up reach and brand awareness quickly and at a great CPM within the target.


  1. What results shall I expect from TikTok and at what cost?

It is totally realistic to get to a few hundred thousand reach within few days under 100 EUR spending. And the great things is, that you’ll even earn a great click through ratio as well. Although it is important to bear in mind that the daily spending limit is 20 EUR.

So if you are at the top of the marketing funnel, you definitely need to consider this channel for young audiences. The CPC and CPM costs are more beneficial than other social channels as advertisers just start to discover this channel.

Build brand awareness quickly on TikTok


4.  What to pay attention when advertising on TikTok?

Think of mobile and video only, nothing else! The video content needs to be short and crisp always with music or sound effects. You goal should be to stand out which is not an easy task on TikTok.

In your TikTok ads, you can only ad a very short text therefore your video needs to convey the key messages. When talking about videos, always pick your thumbnail image and CTA button carefully.

Then target well! Similarly to Facebook, you can filter by age, gender, interest, location, device and by schedule as well.

5. How to kick start on TikTok?

Check your country specifics. TikTok does not offer self-service in many countries for opening a TikTok ad account.  In this case, you need to turn to selected agency partners. We are also happy to assist you in this! #myeffectivo